High Speed Datacenters.


It's your choice: Your Gamersisle server is either hosted at datadock, Europe's greenest data center or in our state-of-the-art Datotel data center in the USA. Whichever data center you choose, you will surely get the best possible availability, efficiency and security.


Datadock main target was to satisfy the highest demands on fast connections and high availability without disregarding the environment. Therefore, only the latest eco-friendly devices have been integrated into the infrastructure, and an innovative well cooling system installed. Thanks to these measures datadock features an outstanding energy-efficiency. And as all relevant facilities are laid out with redundancies, the highest availability is also ensured.

Datadock represents the perfect cooperation of humans, machines and nature. In more than three years of planning and construction and with a total budget of more than 17 million euros, my team and I have reached our goal of creating an especially eco-friendly and at the same time ultra-modern data center.

In addition to a strong focus on efficiency and environmental protection the security and availability of our customer's infrastructure is also crucial. Therefore, we made every effort to realize a comprehensive security and redundancy concept, which ensures the highest possible availability of your data. My team and I are not satisfied unless your infrastructure is available at all times with high performance and without failures.


Datotel’s $10 million state-of-the-art data center (IT colocation facility) is located in the Globe Building in downtown St. Louis. This 29,000 square-foot facility is ideal for midsized and growing businesses that prefer to invest their time and capital in other business areas.